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Personal Statement Essays (389 words) - Animation, December

Personal Statement So, sweetheart, what would you like for Christmas, my dad asked while I was sitting down flipping through some catalogs one December afternoon. As I put the last of the catalogs down, I went into my room and thought about what I wanted. I never truly desired anything until that year. I was eleven. Within the past couple months in school, we had received new computers. While being introduced to Photoshop and the Internet simultaneously, I knew what I wanted out of my life. The way Photoshop manipulated pictures and backgrounds, and overlapped them with the transparency command, I knew that web designing was for me. Later on that evening as I scooped up the mashed potatoes from my plate and put them into my mouth, I heard my mothers voice, Hunny, your father and I are going shopping tomorrow, have you decided what you want for Christmas yet? I gently nodded my head up and down, and responded, Yes, but its too expensive, so Ill pass. They requested my answer again saying they will decided if it costs too much money. So, I told them that I wanted an Internet ready computer with Photoshop and other manipulative programs. Weeks had gone by and Christmas crept closer. Finally, it was 6:00AM Christmas morning as my younger brother began to bang on my door singing Christmas carols. My parents and I arose quickly, and ran to the Christmas tree. As I opened to what I thought was my last gift, a sweater of course, my dad had disappeared. I could hear him calling my name from the empty room down the hall. I wasnt sure what he wanted, yet when I swung the door open I was in shock. There stood a seventeen inch monitor, tower, color printer, flat bed scanner, and a wire connected to the phone line. I didnt know whether to sit at the computer or to thank my parents. I questioned them, Mom? Dad? why would you spend so much money on a Christmas gift? My Mom replied, well, Ani (my nickname), we know that computers are your passion, and as with everything else we want to help you reach your goals. We would do anything to make it possible to pursue the things you want. I ran to my parents and gave them the biggest hug anyone could ever imagine. Acceptance Essays

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Definition and Examples of Aphaeresis in English

Definition and Examples of Aphaeresis in English Aphaeresis is a  rhetorical and phonological term for the omission of one or more sounds or syllables from the beginning of a word. Also spelled apheresis. Adjective: aphetic. Also called syllabic loss or initial vowel loss. Common examples of aphaeresis include round (from around), specially (from especially), and spy (from espy). Note that the deleted initial sound is usually a vowel. EtymologyFrom the Greek, taking away Examples and Observations Children learning to speak first tend to retain only the final syllable of words (-nette for marionnette, -range for orange), then two syllables (-anna for nanna, -octor for doctor). Loose pronunciation (xactly for exactly) has thus something childish about it. But in tention! (for Attention!) economy of effort and efficiency come into play.Like apocope, aphaeresis most commonly involves the slack use of an expression rather than a literary device.(Bernard Dupriez, A Dictionary of Literary Devices, trans. by Albert W. Halsall. Univ. of Toronto Press, 1991)New Words From OldAphaeresis has given us a number of new words, like drawing-room (from withdrawing-room), fend (from defend; whence fender), sport (from disport), and stain (from distain). A number are aphetic in the narrow sense: pert (from now obsolete apert, going back ultimately to Latin appertus open), peal (from appeal), mend (from amend), fray (from affray), the verb ply (from apply), the adjective live (from alive), spy (f rom espy), and tend (from both attend and intend). In the above cases, significant semantic development followed the aphaeresis, so that one does not normally connect in ones mind the shortened and the original longer forms.(The Merriam-Webster New Book of Word Histories, 1991) Aphaeresis in Contemporary SpeechContrary to the substitution and addition of syllables, syllabic loss, known as aphaeresis, is not at all uncommon. In particular, the constraints under which it operates are exactly the ones predicted by the speech error data. The omissions occur in word-initial positions and affect unstressed syllables containing reduced vowels. Quite often, the syllable only consists of a vowel. . . .Indeed, aphaeresis occurs on a wide scale in the spoken language of today (and yesterday). . . . Typical examples include about in How bout that? and unless in I aint going less you do. . . . Relaxed circumstances are all that is needed for aphaeresis to occur.(Thomas Berg, Linguistic Structure and Change: An Explanation From Language Processing. Oxford University Press, 1998)The Lighter Side of AphaeresisI cant kill the possum [for opossum], cause [for because] it might be innocent. I cant let the possum go, because it might be guilty. Cant make a good soup, cant do a handstand in a pool. Cant spell the word lieutenant. There are a lot of cants in my life right now.(Amy Poehler as Lesley Knope in The Possum. Parks and Recreation, 2010) Pronunciation: a-FER-eh-ses

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Free Cover Letter Sample for Marketing Job

Free Cover Letter Sample for Marketing Job SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips The writer of this cover letter works in marketing, so hopefully he's able to market for himself with a strong cover letter! As you'll see below, the applicantuses a list format to presenthis professional skills and draw direct connections with the job's requirements. Read on to see how the applicant describeshis experiences,and then continue on to an analysis of what this sample cover letter does well. Cover Letter Sample for Marketing Manager Position Bran Starkman5 Tree LaneSnowtown, CO 80001 May 1, 2016 Cecily LannisterDirector of MarketingKing Co.10 Landing St.Sunnyvale, CA 94085 Dear Ms. Lannister, I’m writing to express my strong interest in joining King Co.’s team as Marketing Manager, an opportunity I discovered on King Co. takes such an innovative approach to itsmarketing, and I would love to contribute toits progressive vision.With my five years of experience in marketing management, I havethe skills and knowledge to excel in this role. Please allow me to highlight my qualifications as they related to your stated requirements. Your Requirements My Experience Marketing degree, 3 years exp. Obtained my BA in Marketing Communication in 20 and have three years of experience as an SEO Content Marketing Manager Skilled with content strategy development and implementation Developed and executed SEO strategy that achieved top 3 rankings on Google for key product search terms; led team that expanded unique visitors from 10k/month to 2 million/month in one year Social media guru Maintained editorial calendar across social media platforms; oversaw 30% increase in Facebook and Twitter shares; synchronized social media posts with content publication Professional, personable, and passionate 3 years of successful content team management while maintaining strong interpersonal relationships; devoted to fostering open communication and supporting growth of team members I’ve attached my resume to flesh out my professional background as Marketing Manager, along with two letters of recommendation. I’m very excited about this opportunity with King Co. and look forward to speaking with you soon. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at 508-508-5080 or Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Bran Starkman Bran Starkman508-508-5080 Bran says he's skilled with content; did this skill come through in his cover letter? Marketing Manager Cover Letter: The Breakdown Bran took a bullet point approach to his cover letter, using a list to match the position’s stated requirements with his own qualifications in a form that’s sometimes referred to as an executive briefing. Visually, this format makes his letter easy to read and understand. He showed an understanding of the position by explicitly listing its requirements, and he provided specific examples of his professional accomplishments with data. Bran's measured approach seems to work well for the position of marketing manager, which also requires a high degree of organization and the use of metrics to measure impact. Bran’s cover letter hits the four key features described in our cover letter guide - it’s customized to the job at hand, it uses specific examples, it communicates enthusiasm, and it’s highly readable. Bran includes his and the hiring manager's contact information at the top, so presumably he's sending his cover letter as a hard copy or Word document attachment. Hopefully, his cover letterwill land Bran an interview with King Co. Before you check out more cover letter samples, consider the followingimportant note on format. A Note on Format Before addressing the hiring manager, Bran provided a header with his name and contact information at the top of his cover letter. He also added the date and contact details of Ms. Lannister. This kind of formatting is traditional for cover letters, and it still works well if you're sending your letter by hard copy or as a Word attachment. Many jobs, though, expect you to paste your cover letter in the body of an email or in a text box on their application portal. If you're sending your letter this way, then you can usually leave off these headers. They're more applicable if you can format your letter with a certain look. If you're going the plain text body of email or text box approach, then you can just start right in with the salutation. As you finalize the look of your cover letter, consider how you're sending it, along with any application instructions. Then let that method guide your cover letter's final look! What's Next? Are you ready to read another cover letter? Check out this sample cover letter for the job of Editorial Assistant with a publishing company. Would you like tolearn more about cover letters? Our full guide has great tips on writing cover letters, along with five more samples! Are you wondering how to structure your letter? Our cover letter template guides you through the writing process, step by step.

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It depends Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

It depends - Essay Example Furthermore, penetrations into international or foreign markets also help to intensify the demand and brand image of the organization in the market. As a result, such type of penetration helps to improve the total sales and position thereby amplifying its reputation in the market among other contenders. Due to these reasons, maximum extent of the organizations desire to expand its operations into foreign markets. Internationalisation is recognised as a procedure to identify and penetrate the most feasible foreign market so as to enhance its operations. By doing so, the organization might increase its market share and brand value that may improve its inner strengths and opportunities as compared to many other rival contenders. An organization may enter a foreign market just by exporting its product lines so as to increase its level of awareness and credibility (Mathews, 2002, pp. 467-488). Apart from this, an organization might establish a joint venture with another domestic firm of that country so as to increase its total sale and net income. With the help of licensing also, an organization might enter the new foreign market and increase its revenues and profitability. Other than this, the organization may introduce its franchises and enhance its portfolio and position in the foreign market to a considerable extent. Hence, an organization may enter the foreign market with the help of the above mentioned ways. In this age, maximum extent of the organizations desire to develop their entities outside the state border. The prime reason behind this desire is to exploit the opportunities in both domestic and international border. However, in order to expand the operation of an organization in overseas markets, it’s extremely essential to analyse the market scenario and competitors activities. Only then, it may enhance its productivity and profitability in those unknown markets as compared to many other contenders. Thus, the

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Summary Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summary Assignment - Essay Example There are many reasons why the government feels a need to preserve Canadian culture: geographic, economic, social, and nationalistic. I feel that these reasons have value and must be considered if Canada is to keep its culture intact. Because of Canada’s distinct geographic location, regular Canadians can be influenced by American lines of thought, which intrude on Canadian culture. The Canadian government has the right to feel concerned about how its culture is shaped. The norm used to be that Canadians would follow multimedia from Americans—radio and television.1 It is important though that the Canadian government takes on the opinions of its people to better understand how to implement productive cultural policies. Historically this has been done through Royal Commissions to better understand the demands of the public.2 These Royal Commissions made recommendations to the government on how to regulate radio broadcasting, arts and sciences, television broadcasting, and newspapers. I think that it is important to maintain a strong Canadian influence in the national media, but outsiders’ thoughts and opinions must be heard to present a balanced view. The government has found the right balance through policy instruments.

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Changing a Five Day School Week to a Four Day School Week Essay Example for Free

Changing a Five Day School Week to a Four Day School Week Essay Changing a five day week to a five day week to a four day week (For schools) Why is our traditional five day week changing to a four day week? Any reason? A four day week would result in extra hours of work, interference with family schedules and much more. In any case what’s the problem with the five day school week? The customary five day school week should stay without any alterations. There are many reasons that support the understanding of having a five day school week instead of changing it into a four day school week. Firstly, people are already used to the five day week and might have to put some changes to their regular habits. Secondly, parents at work would have a very hard time to find a person to take care of their child (babysitter); this would be a big problem for families with no money. In the third reason I speak about the kids interest areas. It would be a loss of time of their practice of their extra-curricular activities that they really enjoy from their choice classes. There are many reasons that support the understanding of having a five day school week instead of changing it to a five day school week. People are already used to the five day school week since centuries and there have not been a lot of problems with the system, so why change it right now? The four day week would make a big difference (bad changes) in their sleeping and eating habits(Proved out by the Canadian center for occupational health). Parents at work would also have a hard time finding a babysitter. They would have a hard time leaving their children alone at home. This would be a big problem for children and families who are poor and cannot afford a person to take care of their children during work. Everyone knows that education for children has an impact on the future of this country. Our education/ learning system has been going on pretty good or let’s just say progressing every day and taking a brake would obviously low the percentage down of getting all these things we hope for. Lots of high schools, middle schools and elementary schools have game time/P.  E which makes children active at least for sixty min. a day. Less activity time can lead to unhealthy diseases such as obesity. Many activities such as orchestra, robotics and arts are chosen by the child with their own interest. If a parent cannot afford a class (outside school) it would be hard for them to enjoy the lost time of the choice class they chose. Now I would like to add on more to my first reason of having a five day week instead of changing it to a four day week. All of us have been using the ive day week for centuries then why change it now? The four day week might bring a sudden change in sleep habits which in turn may cause drowsiness, laziness and other factors during working hours. The four day week might also bring sudden changes in eating habits from more regular parties and unhealthy food.. When you have another weekend, many people oversleep. You might also develop certain health problems from oversleeping on an extra holiday such as diabetes, heart diseases, stress, anxiety, apnea and many more. Another day of a holiday means more partying, and mainly eating more unhealthy food. Problems that you might develop from eating unhealthy food are: Obesity, Diabetes, bulimia, binge eating and many more. There are people out there fighting for a four day week. Let see a few of the other side’s arguments. Some say that having a four day week might help save gas money for the district. However school buses are used on weekends as a public transportation even more which in turn might get the gas costs higher instead of saving a whole bunch of money. Parents also say that children would have extra free time if allowed an extra weekend. But guess what? 70% of all kids in America would prefer to have school instead of an extra weekend. School is a place where you could interact with old friends and make new friends! Fun activities compiled with learning. What would be a better option? In conclusion I would want the school board to consider the decision of having a five day school week because of multiple reasons I told during my essay. Such as people are already used to the five day school week, poor parents and normal parents might have a hard time at work worrying about their children at work and having a babysitter, less education for the future, less activity time, less extra-curricular time and having less face-to-face time with the teacher. Therefore as a call to action I would go to the school board/superintendent and reject all proposals of having a four day week because of these several reasons. I would also write a petition/proposal regarding to keep the 5 day school week the same. This petition would include other parents signatures who agree with me.

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Sullivan vs. Bennett Essay -- Gay Marriage Homosexuality Essays

Sullivan vs. Bennett The two texts examined within, present the opposing extremes of views regarding gay and lesbian marriage. The first text entitled Let Gays Marry by Andrew Sullivan examines the intricacies of same sex relationships and why homosexual couples should be allowed to publicly show affection for one another. The second text that will be examined is titled Leave Marriage Alone written by William Bennett. Bennett gives his views on why couples of same sex nature should not be allowed to engage in marital relations. These two authors, although very different, each has a view of the ideals of marriage, and how it should be presented to the public. Sullivan, a proponent of same sex marriages is a firm believer that gay and lesbian couples should be treated as equals in society and no different than anyone else. Many people are afraid of the effects that same sex marriages may have on our culture, and Sullivan explains that gay men and women are no different from anyone else in society as far as political and moral beliefs are concerned. These people are not out to change America as a whole, they just want the freedom to decide and to do as they wish. Sullivan explains that homosexuals want the right to marry for the same reasons as anyone else and that the lobbying of gays in America, for marriage, is not to destroy our moral system or who we are, they just want to be able to devote to one another as a regular couple does. Same sex marriage may seem, to some, a crazy idea as marriage in this country is built on the foundation of a man and a woman marrying, but Sullivan points out that until recent centuries marriage was a contract into which a woman entered so that she would be controlled by her husba... ... to agree on the fact that the issue at hand is one of religion. Religion seems to be the deciding factor right now when it comes to the question of what is right and what is wrong. Both authors see religion as the main concern when the question of homosexual marriage is brought up. So as each has very different ideals for society as a whole, both Bennett and Sullivan try to represent the happiness of the people as a whole, in their own ways. The two authors present very different points of view and each has well thought out reasoning behind what he has to say. Although the authors feel very different about how marriage should exist and how it should be regulated, there is some common ground between the authors. Citations †¢ Sullivan, Andrew. Let Gays Marry. United States: Random, 2002 †¢ Bennett, William. Leave Marriage Alone. United States: Random, 2002